Wireless RS485 Transceiver


Wireless RS485 Transceiver

AcuMesh Wireless RS485 Network

The Acumesh Wireless RS485 connects any device with a RS485 port to form a point to multi-point mesh network. It is ideal for buildings and systems that monitor energy flow, industrial automation and campus facilities. AcuMesh transceiver eliminates the usual wires in a RS485 installation by using a flexible and simple wireless communication solution.


  • Available in both 900MHz and 868MHz frequency
  • Automatic connection without any configuration or software
  • Compatible with any protocols: Wireless Modbus RTU, Profibus, DNP 3.0 and more
  • Highly secure 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Advance configuration available for complex network setup with free software
  • 1000 ft (305m) indoor / 4 Miles (6.5km) outdoor in a single hop
  • Each transceiver acts as an extension point for the network allowing for a longer range of communication
  • Point to multi-point communication enabled with “mesh” structure
  • Self-healing and optimizing communication pathway


AcuMesh Wireless Advantage

What is a Mesh network and why it is better than the traditional wired method


AcuMesh Wireless RS485 Network

AcuMesh keeps all the advantages of a RS485 network but eliminates the wires. Each RS485 device connects directly with an AcuMesh transceiver allowing point to multipoint wireless communication with Master and Slave devices.

The AcuMesh transceiver supports all RS485 communication protocols (i.e. Wireless Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0, Profibus and more).


Wired RS485 Serial Network

Conventional wired RS485 networks come with inherit limitations during installation. Devices are networked together in a daisy chain topology increasing the budget and lifecycle of the project. Once installed in the facility it may be difficult to upgrade or modify and sometimes it may not be possible at all without incurring hefty expenses.


Advantages of Wireless Network

    • Reduce network implementation cost for wired networks
    • Get a communication range of over 6,000 meters
    • Flexible network reducing infrastructure dependency
    • Simpler to maintain and upgrade once network is installed

<listyle=” list-style: disc;”>Achieve faster development cycles by eliminating wires

Please check out the FAQ section for commonly asked questions about the AcuMesh RS485 transceiver.

AcuMesh Product Synergy

Find out how AcuMesh wireless transceivers work with other products


Accuenergy provides a fully customizable wireless solution to ensure you meet your project goals. AcuMesh is the ideal companion for any Accuenergy or third-party RS485 power meter by allowing energy usage data to be delivered wirelessly to a data acquisition gateway where it can be accessed and monitored on a cloud-based server. Let us know your project requirements and we will help you select the right products from start to finish

AcuMesh Transceiver pairs well with Acuvim Power Meters, Solar Panel Inverter or any other Slave device.

AcuMesh Transceiver pairs well with AcuLink Data Acquisition, PLC, Solar Panel Inverter or any other Master device.


AcuMesh Wireless RS485 Features



AcuMesh Product Synergy

AcuMesh transceivers can be used in any building, facility, commercial or industrial network. Here are some examples

    • Retrofit power & energy meters in existing buildings

<listyle=” list-style: disc;”>Campus and commercial facilities

    • Lighting control system
    • Multi-tenant kWh billing and submeter

<listyle=” list-style: disc;”>HVAC and security systems

  • Industrial facilities power meter management
  • Industrial automation
  • Building automation network

Protocol Compatibility

AcuMesh wireless RS485 transceiver are protocol independent. Connect any Master or Slave device to the AcuMesh RS485 transceiver to enable wireless communication. AcuMesh transceiver will transmit and receive any protocol wirelessly.

  • Modbus
  • Profibus
  • DNP 3.0
  • And more</li >

All Accuenergy Power Meters can directly connect with AcuMesh transceiver and is designed to plug-in to an Acuvim II power meter.


Machine-to-Machine Communication Comparison

The network is more resilient against threats, crisis or harm. It will improve security and network reliability by being able to locate a problem, protect the system and heal any damage that destroys data integrity.

Protocol Compatibility



AcuMesh Wireless Transceiver Specificaitons

AcuMesh wireless RS485 transceiver offers robust features