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Multi-tenant Buildings

Submetering multi-tenant buildings can provide property owners and tenants a means of reducing costs by improving their energy efficiency. It can bring equality to tenants being billed from their square footage or number of occupants because the energy consumption of each tenant may still be drastically different. By allocating energy costs accurately, you can improve tenant satisfaction, reduce turnover, and encourage lower energy consumption from those tenants using more than their fair share.

Utility Billing Service

The eGauge Pro integrates with automated billing services to streamline multi-tenant submetering projects, eliminating the need to manually record and deliver utility bills. If you have a preferred bill provider, we can also work with that company to integrate eGauge data into their system. With either option, the ability to measure up to 30 tenants from a single piece of hardware makes eGauge a highly affordable solution for consolidated submetering.

Property Management

Managing properties with traditional submeters can be a slow process. With the development of internet connected meters, such as the eGauge Pro, property managers no longer need to retrieve energy information by walking up to a meter and recording values. Now, they can simply open a web browser from their office and download that information. This method simplifies managing multiple buildings or distant locations. Managers can also configure eGauge Pro to keep an eye on problem equipment. Elevators and HVAC equipment, for example, can be setup with automatic alerts when a failure occurs, speeding up repairs and keeping tenants happy.

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Facility Metrics, Benchmarking and Alerts

There are a variety of factors which influence electrical costs for large facilities. Traditional utility meters don’t track these factors, which means site managers have no way to determine how equipment is performing or where sudden usage spikes are occurring. The eGauge Pro puts these metrics at the site manager’s fingertips. It allows users to track individual loads, power quality, peak demand, and other factors of interest. In addition, the eGauge can be configured to send SMS and email alerts when certain conditions are met. This feature helps prevent capital loss due to overloaded equipment or excessive peak demand. Take back control of your facility with the eGauge Pro.

Site-wide Analysis

With rising electricity costs and increasingly sensitive electronic hardware, a building manager needs to know more than just monthly kWh values. Peak demand charges add hundreds of dollars to utility bills, and identifying which area of a facility contributes to this charge is difficult. The eGauge Pro can be used to pinpointing liable equipment and determine when and where peak demand charges occur. Facility managers then have the information needed to modify load profiles and limit peak demand. In addition, the eGauge Pro user interface makes it easy to compare similar loads and provide warning of impending hardware failure so building managers can intervene and address issues before they cause serious damage.

Equipment Verification

Monitoring the status of equipment in a facility can be a daunting task. To make large monitoring jobs more attainable, the eGauge Pro supports up to 30 CTs, so a single meter can measure numerous loads and even generation sources (solar PV, gas generators, etc…) simultaneously. Then, it measures and records useful power metrics, including power factor and total harmonic distortion. This data can be used to verify equipment health and identify potential problems before they become an issue. And with all the data available through a single interface, building managers save time and avoid errors when analyzing data.

Building Automation


Many facilities have building automation and control systems that can amplify the benefits of energy metering. However, this means that new or replacement metering hardware must integrate seamlessly with the existing system. eGauge Pro supports data export via BACnet IP, one of the most common building automation and control protocols available. BACnet support is included at no additional cost, and with BACnet output readily available, the eGauge Pro can be effortlessly integrated into automation and control systems as part of a new installation or a retrofit upgrade.


It is difficult for a single software interface can cover the needs of every user. For example, line graphs are not ideally suited for displaying cumulative data, since the line would forever increase upward. One problem with presenting data is that many energy meters provide a single interface and don’t grant access to the data recorded by their hardware. Unlike these offerings, the eGauge does not tie the user to a single interface, and access to an open XML API is provided with every device. Using the XML API, a developer can create a user interface that meets the requirements of the any user, however basic or complex they may be.

Submetering is a great way to bring equality in energy usage and billing for multi-tenant buildings by the way of providing both owners and tenants a mean of reducing costs by improving their energy efficiency. eGauge Pro offers efficient utility billing service as it facilitates to measure up to as many as 30 tenants energy usage from a single hardware. Thus, it is extremely affordable and useful solution for consolidated submetering. With the development of internet-connected meters, such as the eGauge Pro, property managers can now simply access a web browser and download important and correct energy consumption information. Thus, managing distant locations or multiple buildings has become easier and methodological for property managers. eGauge Pro is a must for multi-tenant buildings as managers can also have a clear idea about problematic equipment. For example, automatic alerts can be set up for Elevators and HVAC equipment speeding up repairs and maintenance.

The eGauge Pro makes meter reading easy and effective, thereby curtailing wastage of both valuable money and time of building managers. The situation, however adverse and unwanted is always within control as it sends SMS and email alerts that allows taking quick effective measures to overcome them. The eGauge Pro is a useful tool for determining liable equipment and understand nature of peak demand loads. It further makes large monitoring jobs more achievable as it supports up to 30 CTs. eGauge Pro supports data export via BACnet IP at no additional cost. eGauge allows aceess to open XML API provided with each device.

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