Rogowski Coils

Rogowski Coil Flexible Current Transformers

AcuCT Flex Series
High specification line of flexible current transformers that measures AC current for power metering, power quality analysis and general use. The Rogowski coil provides a versatile solution when space is limited and requires a rope-style CT to physically wrap around an irregular shaped conductor or wire.



Outputs: 0-20mA, 333mV, 5A. 0-1A

 Rogowski Coil Features

The AcuCT Flexible Rogowski coil current transformer series is designed for easy integration in a variety of applications and systems.

Wide Current Sensing

Measure current from 5A to 50,000A on each standard coil. Higher current range available upon request.

Wide Frequency Response Range

Standard frequency response range of 10Hz- 20KHz. Higher frequency response range such as Mega Hz available upon request.

High Accuracy & Linearity

0.5% accuracy across the entire range of measurements.

Rope Style Form Factor

Rope-like coil allows it to fit into any constrained spatial configuration ranging from panels, wire bundles or irregular sized bus where regular solid core CT or split-core CT cannot be used.

4 Standard Length Selection

We offer four lengths of coil, 16″, 24″, 36″ and 47″. Custom lengths available upon request.

Rogowski Coil Applications

Passive Rogowski coils output a very low AC voltage, often somewhere between 20 – 150mV per 1000A.
Although measuring high amperage with no saturation, the coil inductance displaces the phase +90 degrees with respect to the input current.
Most meter manufacturers require 333mV, 5A, 1A or some other (higher) signal output than what the Rogowski coils produce passively.
For this reason, there is an “integrator” option.
The integrator does two things:

Amplifies the signal (typically to 333 mV or 5A or another commonly accepted signal)

Compensates for the 90-degree phase shift.

The eGauge and AccU Monitors have an ‘inbuilt’ integrator’ allowing Rogowski Coils to be directly attached to them.