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Test Power Cable - 120 Vrms

Test Power Cable – 120 Vrms



Local purchase in Australia


eGauge power cable with standard type 5 plug. Epoxy sealed for safe operation. Useful for in-office testing, preliminary configuration, and off-site data exportation. Not to be used for permanent installations. Local purchase in Australia

Test Power Cable – 120 Vrms is one of our very essential products and is of highest utility in today’s technology-driven professional and business sectors. This useful Test Power Cable – 120 Vrms is basically an extension cable of egauge which is 8 inches long. Thus it is of considerable length and can thus facilitate power supply from any nearby power point. It has on one end 3-point plug and on the other end there is an epoxy-sealed 5-Pin Power Plug. As this is an epoxy-sealed cable, it is very safe for operation. It is one of our must-have accessories.

This product has proven to be of great use so far as within office testing is concerned. It is also useful for preliminary configuration and is a great tool for off-site data exportation. However, this extension cable should not be used for permanent installations. It is primarily used for temporary power connections and is very good for the new business set up. Thus, for office relocation or new equipment testing, this extension cable will be of great help. Test Power Cable – 120 VRMS can be locally purchased in Australia for $26.00 and it usually takes 3-6 business days for the product to be delivered at the customer’s doorstep.


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