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Powered Enclosure Kit (120/240VAC, 120/208VAC)

Powered Enclosure Kit (120/240VAC, 120/208VAC)



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The Powered Enclosure Kit is designed for installation of the eGauge in combination with one of several communication protocol devices. The kit comes with components that complement the eGauge main unit, decreasing installation time and reducing complexity. Compatible services: 3p/4w 120/208vac, 1p/3w,120/240vac.  US centric.

Local Purchase and assembly in Australia is more economical


See the Installation video here.

Technical Specifications

Contains (unassembled):

Compatible services:

  • 3ph/4w 120/208vac
  • 1ph/3w,120/240vac


Optional accessories include cellular modem and WiFi access point.


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