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Multitech Cellular Modem

Multitech Cellular Modem



Title File
MTE-LAT2-B07 spec sheet PDF 
MTE-LAT2-B07 user guide PDF 
eGauge Troubleshooting Guide PDF 


Multitech eCell cellular to Ethernet bridge for use with 4G-LTE AT&T/T-Mobile networks. eGauge can supply T-Mobile data plans in the USA. Other services may be used, but are not supported by eGauge.


Technical Specifications

  • Multitech MTE-LAT2-B07 cellular router
  • 4G LTE


  • Compatible with eGauge supplied T-Mobile data plans
  • Compatible with other data plans including AT&T (not Verizon)

The Multitech Cellular Modem from energyautomation.com is the core building block for hundreds of modern business networks. It is an easy gateway to a larger network and remains effective even when redesigned or in case of outages. The modem makes use of Ethernet bridge with 4G-LTE Mobile Networks. The cellular router is one of the most flexible, versatile and proficient devices. The e-Gauge is a renowned supplier of T-Mobile data plans to the USA. It is compatible with T-Mobile data plans that are supplied by e-Gauge. The surrounding network can be easily comprehensible with the routing device.

We will never compromise on the constant communication requirements that you must fulfill with the world. The modem is compatible with AT&T/T Mobile Networks as well. This makes your experience dynamic and complete. Data plans may vary according to your preferences but the modem will be thoroughly potent, practical and valuable at all times. The modem is also powerful, essential and operative. Power quality, energy monitoring, and substantial connections are thoroughly looked after in our systems. Transmission of data and data formatting are swiftly completed with the modems. The functional capacity of the modems is accurately inspected to provide utmost satisfaction to our consumers.


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