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Large AC Split-core

Large AC Split-core


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From $85

Large (50.8mm/2.00″ and 76.2mm/3.00″) split-core current transformers (CTs) allow for easy measurement of individual conductors within an electrical distribution panel. Each CT can be “split” and attached without disconnecting a conductor from it’s respective breaker. These CTs are available in a wide variety of amperage ratings. Each CT includes the two-pin CT connector plug.



Technical Specifications

  • Rated from 100A to 3000A
  • 333 mVrms at rated output
  • Accurate within 1% from 10% to 100% of rated amperage
  • Operates from 50Hz to 400Hz
  • Maximum primary insulation up to 600 Vrms
  • 8′ twisted pair lead with CT connector

Energy Automation revolutionised its product base with the Large AC Split Core. The split-core current transformer (CT) is available in sizes 50.8mm/2.00″ and 76.2mm/3.00″. It is extremely popular as it can easily measure individual conductors within an electrical distribution panel. Each and every CT can be divided or attached without the necessity of detaching the conductor from its breaker. Available in a wide number of amperage ratings, our CTs can be the best solutions for heavy usage. All CTs include a two-pin connector plug and thus, all your work can be readily handled by a single product.

The Large AC Split Core is a breakthrough product as its technical competency is extraordinary. It has been duly rated 3000A as compared to its earlier version of 100A. It works at 333 mVrms at rated output and can operate efficiently right from 50Hz to 400Hz. With our product, you also get a huge primary insulation of up to 600 Vrms. The operational quality and speed will seamlessly be a boost for your workspace. Our product comes with an 8’ twisted pair lead which is attached to a CT Connector. All your tasks, thus, can be completed with a single device, without consuming any extra time.


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