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DC Solid-core

DC Solid-core



Title File
CR5220 Spec sheet PDF 


A current transformer for those focused on high efficiency DC consumption sources, solid-core DC CTs are typically used for new wiring and permanent installation. To install them, the power must be turned off, the conductor disconnected, and then threaded through the CT window. Each CT includes the two-pin CT connector plug.


Technical Specifications

  • 10A – 300A
  • Solid-core: 0.79″ inner diameter
  • Split-core: 1.2” inner diameter
  • Measures current to full range in one direction and 20% of range in the reverse direction
  • 12 V Power supply required. not supplied with CT
  • 8′ black and white #16 twisted pair with burden resistor included

Australia Energy Automation company has designed two kinds of DC current transducers which can be used to provide the DC signal which is proportional to the DC current that has been sensed. We designed these devices especially for the direct current (DC). They are targeted for daily and general applications. All our transducers are adjustable and help in measuring the low as well as high currents. They are suitable for every waveform because of the true RMS value. This helps in measuring all types of DC current irrespective of their waveforms.

The lossless current will help in measurement without any requirement of the shunt. Our programmable upper limits will help in the optimum mapping of the measuring range. All our devices provide effective protection against the disturbances caused by the external factors.

For Australia Energy Automation Company, it is important to provide the customers with the products that will give them ultimate satisfaction. We travel an extra mile to provide the best in class products to our customers and this DC solid core current transducer is one such product which we crafted with utmost care. We provide the best customer care support and after-sales service which drives us the repeated customers.


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