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eGuard is a free administrative management system for eGauge devices. It provides an individual or company a means to monitor and manage multiple energy monitors from a single, web-based interface. The interface displays the current status and statistics for all devices within a user’s account.
There is no cost to create or maintain an eGuard account.

How it Helps You

eGuard makes the administration of multiple (5+) eGauge devices much simpler. It is an ideal tool for organizations that need to manage large numbers or widely dispersed eGauge devices. For eGauge users, eGuard also functions as a performance verification tool for judging specific metrics from many energy meters. The system also provides a means of troubleshooting hardware and customer relationship management. For example, installers can tie a customer’s contact information and other relevant information to a single or group of eGauges. Together, these features provide customers a wide variety of tools that simplify large deployments of eGauge devices.

Common Applications:

  • Tracking the energy performance of dispersed franchise locations
  • Managing the kWh values for submetered tenants
  • Measuring the generation of large solar PV arrays
  • Sending alerts for unexpected measurements, functionality, and connectivity of a particular installation site

Accessing eGuard

eGuard access requires the creation of an account at egauge.net. From there, the user can request access to currently existing devices from an Administrator, or add their own devices by contacting support@egauge.com.au. eGuard can be accessed from a user’s account settings

Could eGuard Replace Your Current Monitoring Platform?

Our sales team provides detailed presentations of eGuard so that you can determine if this free-to-use platform is right for you.

Phone: +61416188490

Email: info@energyautomation.com.au