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Where can I find my device name?

Where can I find my device name?

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Each eGauge meter has a unique device name (also referred to as hostname) that identifies the meter to the egauge.net proxy server. You will need this name to access your eGauge. The device name is printed in a number of locations:

  • On the front label of the eGauge
  • On the packaging included with the eGauge
  • On the Installation Sheet included with the eGauge

If you are viewing the eGauge via the web interface, you can also find the device name by:

  • Checking the URL, which is usually in the form egaugeXXXX.egaug.es or egaugeXXXX.d.egauge.net
  • Looking at the value in the “hostname” field (Settings -> Network Settings)

If you are unsure of the name of an eGauge that is connected to your network, you can open your router’s configuration page and look for a list of active DHCP leases. Assuming the eGauge is connected using DHCP, it should have an entry in this table containing the hostname, current IP address, and MAC address (always starts with F8 2F 5B with the exception of some eGauge2 models, which may start with 00 50 C2). Because of the number of routers available, we cannot offer specific steps to find this information through the router interface; you should contact your router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider for additional support.