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IMT Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB irradiance sensor wiring diagrams

IMT Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB irradiance sensor wiring diagrams

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The IMT Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB irradiance sensor requires a serial converter in order to function with the eGauge. eGauge officially supports the Chiyu BF430  (with the eGauge2, EG30xx, or EG4xxx) or eGauge RS485-USB converter (with the EG4xxx only).

The IMT sensor using the following color coding:

Red – power+

Black – power-

Brown – data+

Orange – data-

Additional information on connecting and configuring the eGauge to read data from the IMT sensor is available on the Third Party Devices page.

Wiring diagram for Chiyu BF430 over local network (eGauge2, EG30xx, EG4xxx)

Wiring diagram for eGauge RS485-USB converter (EG4xxx only).