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How do I interpret the status toolbar on the LCD?

How do I interpret the status toolbar on the LCD?

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The status toolbar at the top of the LCD display provides a quick overview of device status. When navigating the LCD menus this information is usually available, although a few menus won’t display the status toolbar. The page numbers in the top right corner are only displayed when multiple menu pages are available. For a full overview of the LCD display functionality on the EG4xxx, see our LCD Tutorial.

Aside from the page number, there are three primary pieces of information which are always displayed, as described below:

Heartbeat indicator

Alternates between full  and empty  indicating that the eGauge is connected to the proxy server and the display is active. This should always be blinking – it it is not, it means the eGauge is not connected to the proxy server and will not be viewable remotely.

Connection type

Shows the communication technology in use. There are four possible connection types:

 Unknown (generally shown immediately after reboot)




Link quality

A bar indicating connection strength. A single dot indicates 0% signal. The taller the bar, the stronger the signal.

 indicates 0% signal

 indicates 20% signal

 indicates 40% signal

indicates 60% signal

 indicates 80% signal

 indicates 100% signal

Note that this value updates every couple of seconds, so it may lag behind the actual connection strength.