eGauge PRO + CORE x 2

Power and Energy Meter

Each eGauge unit combines an energy meter, data logger, and a web server. This powerful combination lets you measure, store and retrieve data directly from the device or from a remote location. Not only does it calculate power (V, A, VAr, kWh, etc), but also data from optional sensors that assess flow rate, temperature, wind speed, and more. You can view historical and live data for up to 30 years with the unit’s convenient user interface (UI). The UI can be accessed on a local network or via the internet from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once connected, you have access to real-time values, long-term reports, an interactive graphical interface, and many other tools. The best part is that you pay nothing for the user interface because you retrieve data directly from your own eGauge hardware, not a cloud or 3rd party host.



CTs and Rogowski Coils

eGauge primarily functions as a current transformer (CT) meter.
The Pro model accepts 30 CTs, and the Core model receives 15.
The CT input channels read +/-0.5 Vdc, are compatible with most
0.333v CTs, and isolated from digital and high voltage components.

CT Options

Data Protocols and Networking

We’ve added compatibility for many protocols which allow users
to input or output energy data directly to-and-form other systems. Some
typical applications include exporting peak kW data to CSV,
importing Modbus weather data to compare alongside energy, and
integrating with automation systems that use BACnet TCP or RTU.


Supported Data Protocols

  • Export: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, XML
  • Import: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP


You can find details about supported Modbus devices here!


Networking Options

  • Built-in: Ethernet, HomePlug AV (powerline communication)
  • USB Accessory: WiFi, Cellular

Graphical Monitoring Tools

The eGauge UI brings the powerful combination of an energy meter, data
logger, and web server to your web browser. This unique combination
allows users to access data by connecting directly to a device from a
web browser on the local area network, or from an off site location
via proxy server. Any of these connection options provide the same
interface, complete with a strong feature set. Our developers work to
constantly to improve the available functionality and tools, and
upgrading an eGauge Pro to utilize these new features does not cost
any extra. One tool that users find particularly useful is the
interactive graph because you can combine and compare multiple data
points, or adjust the view to focus on a specific area of interest. In
addition to the graph, a user has access to monthly summaries, alerts,
and more. Overall, the UI makes it possible to isolate, analyze, and
understand raw data from the eGauge Pro. In essence, the UI converts
data into useful information.


Live Action Graph

The most accurate data in the world isn’t much use if it’s poorly presented. The eGauge UI presents a powerful and straightforward graph to visualize energy data. The graph is highly customizable and can be set to display (or hide) any number of monitoring points. The monitoring points are shown with user defined time periods so it’s easy to analyze data ranging from minutes to months, or even years. Users can create custom views which present data that is formatted for a particular need and removes irrelevant information. The graph is a staple of the UI because it can present highly granular data in an understandable way.

  • Free Lifetime Upgrades
  • No Subscription Fees
  • No Software to Download
  • Local Network Access

Real-time Data

Most metering solutions are beginning to provide users with data in real-time. At eGauge, we’ve been providing this feature since 2008. Not only is the eGauge Pro ahead of the curve, it’s leading the industry with second by second graphical updates. This feature is so precise it lets you see the result of powering a single LED light bulb as soon as you flip the switch. For advanced users, tackling voltage imbalances and harmonic distortion requires second by second speed. The eGauge Pro eliminates the need to review highly granular power data at a later time, and allows users to view the information as changes are taking place.




As energy costs increase, there are more and more ways to measure and analyze energy data. For example, integrating weather data can help better understand air conditioning habits (a huge contributor to energy costs). In our effort to provide every tool possible we offer third party developers access to our XML API at no cost. By doing so, we hope to expand the energy data toolset available to eGauge customers.


Advanced Analytics

The oscilloscope tool in the user interface offers expert users an opportunity to research aspects of power quality, like power factor, phase offsets, polarity, and more. You’ll have full control of sweep, mode, source, and level to dive into some reasonably advanced analytics.


Spreadsheet Export

Energy enthusiasts often want to use data in new and interesting ways. To help promote this innovation we include the ability to export CSV formatted spreadsheets, which are widely supported by operating systems and spreadsheet programs. We’ve seen exports used for bill generation, energy reports, or even fed into a secondary database where the data was used to quickly perform advanced data calculations. CSV exports are perfect for users looking to take full advantage of fine granularity eGauge data.




Energy utilization is more complicated than ever, and energy professionals work hard to prevent loss from unexpected failures. For example, commercial equipment, such as refrigeration, needs to be monitored at all times because collapse of that system can mean loss of capital and unhappy stakeholders. However, tools like the eGauge Pro can help energy professionals prevent these losses by monitoring for unexpected activity and sending alerts via text message and email. This way, professionals can expand their services instead of babysitting troublesome equipment.