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Hi-end Current Transformers…specifically matched for eGauges


We stock only quality approved eGauge CTs


We will make sure that all our eGauges are associated with perfect accessories so that there won’t be any problem with their application. Our AccU split core CTs accurate rated rampage. It operates at 50 or 60 Hz. The DC solid core is for those people who are very much focused on the high-efficiency DC consumption sources. Each CT includes the two pin CT connected plug. The high accuracy AC split core will help in offering outstanding linearity and very low phase error. It is important to measure the conductors and monitor them all the time. Our large split core transformers will help you in this process. Each of the CT can be split and attached without disconnecting any of the conductors.

The CTs are available in a wide range of varieties and the customers can choose them according to their requirement. The rope CTs are the perfect pick for the heavy bus bars and so many large switchgear applications. These CTs are flexible and the installation of them is very easy. If the rope that you have purchased is having a caliber sticker, then enter the value present on it in the eGauge device or else the caliber is set to 0.