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If accessory not $A priced it may be USA-centric or more economical to purchase locally



USB Wifi Dongle

We provide a different kind of accessories that will help with the use of eGuage. Our USB Wifi Dongle makes it easy for eGuage meter to communicate with the wireless network. We provide 12 volts power supply cable which is isolated and has a barrel jack connector. If you want to watch the eGuage ratings and its performance on your TV screen, kiosk or on any other display screen then our display caster is the right option for you. The poly carbonate hinged enclosure will help in keeping your equipment safe and sound without falling prey for any dangers. eGuage is capable of supplying different kinds of mobile data plans in the Australia and this multitech cellular modem is used in this procedure.

The 2 pin CT plug and 5 pin plug are capable of working with any kind of eGuage device. Our DIN rail clips are compatible only with EG3000 and EG300 units. If you want to install eGuage system with other communication protocol devices, then our powered enclosure is the right option for you. The RS485- Ethernet converter will convert the serial communication into Ethernet. RS485 – USB converter will help in temporary and permanent half-duplex applications. Our test power cable is perfect for temporary installations. Our HomePlug adapter will help in connecting your eGuage meter and home network directly. The Wifi access point will provide you with the data connection.