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A Risky Home Appliance: The Meat Freezer

Replacing home appliances is never without some cost. Buying a new clothes washer or dryer takes time and money, and all the while you have smelly clothes piling up, just waiting to be washed. Even though replacing appliances like these can be a pain, it’s easy to tell when they have failed. There are some appliances that fail silently and when that happens it can cost you a bundle. These are the appliances in the far reaches of your home, the ones that don’t get used on a daily basis. A meat freezer is a good example of this type of appliance.

The Meat Freezer: You might only use it a handful of times each month, and it is responsible for preserving hundreds of dollars worth of food. What happens if it fails? The FDA states that a freezer full of food maintains it’s temperature for about 48 hours, and if food is exposed to temperatures of 40 degrees or higher for more than 2 hours it should be thrown away. So, if your freezer’s compressor fails on Monday and you don’t want a juicy steak until Friday, all of your food could be wasted. Homeowners insurance doesn’t always cover the cost of spoiled food either and you could still be subject to a high deductible even if it is covered.

Now, you could take a stroll to the frozen foods section of your house everyday to check on it’s status, but that might be out of your way and in some dingy part of your basement. Another option would be to send automatic energy alerts to your phone, like the one in this blog post. In any case, make sure to keep an eye on those less used appliances (like your meat freezer and sump pump) that have a high cost of failure!