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Energy Automation specializes & distributes eGauge and all ACCUENERGY ACUVIM meters and catalog items including TESLA Meters, CTs, Rogowski Coils, 333mV & 5A Rogowski Integrators; wireless RS485 ACUMESH connection devices.

Specialist supply and support for:

Energy management via highly accurate data and real-time visualization tools

No Further Costs

Capture more savings from energy metering projects with a metering system that has no subscription fees. Two steps forward and none back when it comes to energy efficiency improvements.

Direct internet access

The meters can display data on a webpage in real-time. Observe changing energy profiles. Validate past energy usage.

Active alerts

The meters can activate text and email alerts to find excess equipment usage, unexpected demand charges, loss of renewable energy production and other costly failures. Define alerts that trigger for virtually any threshold value.

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