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Renewable Energy

The addition of renewable energy sources can give customers a new avenue for making profits. However, the financial benefits can be put at risk if the investment is not continuously monitored for performance. Monitoring system performance in real time can ensure that PV and wind systems are operating with maximum returns. eGauge Pro tracks these returns with revenue grade accuracy and can also be configured to record SRECs. In addition to renewable energy systems, these high accuracy measurements can be used to analyze energy consumption. With energy consumption data, eGauge Pro acts as a tool to help modify load profiles to maximize net energy generation. Given these benefits, eGauge Pro can complement your investment by preventing unexpected loss of production and improve all around energy utilization.

Common Renewable Applications

  • Automatic Alerts
  • Inverter Measurement
  • Strings
  • Batteries

Automatic Alerts

Energy utilization is more complicated than ever, and energy professionals work hard to prevent loss from unexpected failures. For example, renewable energy stakeholders want assurance that their investment is providing returns, and unexpected downtime needs to be addressed without delay. Using a tool like the eGauge Pro can help energy professionals prevent these losses by monitoring for unexpected activity and sending alerts via text message and email. This way, professionals can expand their services instead of babysitting troublesome equipment.

Inverter Measurements

Each inverter brand seems to have its own set of monitoring and communication protocols and managing multiple brands without the help of expensive monitoring software can become tiresome. Installers now have an option to use one monitoring solution that works with all inverters.


Large-scale generation Certificates (LGC) are a direct source of income for investors in solar PV. Underreporting LGCs means leaving money on the table, and reporting LGCs incorrectly can have consequences as well. Therefore, taking precise and accurate measurements is critical for achieving a prompt return on solar PV investments. The eGauge Pro measures with revenue grade accuracy and allows users to aggregate multiple production sources into one place. The eGauge is also flexible; it can track individual inverters or whole groups and notify the user if systems are performing inadequately. With these measurement, you can verify LGC data.

Battery Storage Systems

Batteries are gaining ground in commercial buildings and facilities for their ability to reduce peak demand power. Batteries can reduce peak demand by simply charging from the utility, but they can reduce overall energy costs even further when paired with a renewable energy system. However, batteries are expensive and it’s important that battery storage is not oversized. eGauge Pro can be used to measure a location’s energy profile before investing in batteries to ensure that battery storage systems are sized correctly.


Large scale monitoring platforms have historically been very expensive and cost prohibitive for many renewable energy professionals. The high cost is due to companies operating with a software as a service (SaaS) model that charges customers recurring monthly or yearly fees. Unlike the SaaS model, the eGauge Pro was designed to store data locally rather than in the cloud, reducing our data storage costs. To pass on these savings we developed a large scale monitoring platform called eGuard. The eGuard platform contains many of the same features as pricey monitoring solutions but is a free tool for eGauge users. We’ve detailed eGuard and its features for you here.

The eGuard Portfolio showing energy consumption in red and solar production in green. The table can be organized by any of the table headings, such as site name, production or consumption value, or even device temperature. The eGuard Portfolio is designed for site administrators who want to see a summary of many devices from one convenient place.

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