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Rogowski Coils (Flexible Rope CTs)

Rogowski Coils (Flexible Rope CTs)


Title File
eGauge CT Selection Guide PDF 
AccuEnergy Rope CT Datasheet PDF 


From $110….sensitive to diameter and amperage requirements

Rope CTs are excellent for bus-bars and large switch-gear applications. Self-powered rope CTs are flexible and easy to install with a fixed current rating of 2775A and will not be accurate below 30A. Note: Ropes sold before June 13, 2014 come with an individual and unique calibration sticker that must be saved in the SettingsInstallation menu on the eGauge device. Newer ropes without a calibration sticker should leave the calibration value set to 0. Each CT includes the two-pin CT connector plug.


Technical Specifications

  • Usable current range: Linear, 20-2775A or 50-
  • 333 mVrms at rated output
  • Physical Size (inner diameter): 106mm (4.17″), Flexible
  • Accuracy: +/-1% from 30-2775A
  • Notes: 30A minimum current required at all times. No external integrator required


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