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Power Analysis

Power analysis meters have historically been very expensive and cost prohibitive for many energy professionals. However, as electronic components become smaller, cheaper, and even more capable, the cost of power meters is falling. The eGauge Pro takes advantage of these new components and provides power analysis that is affordable and robust. Our highly accurate meter is coupled with a data logger that records one second interval data for up to 30 days, and one minute interval data for a full year. These features make the eGauge Pro a great choice for gathering data on everything from peak demand to power factor and voltage phase imbalances. So, if you have been eager to begin an analysis project, or are looking for a new power meter, then the eGauge Pro is the meter you’ve been looking for.

Common Analysis Applications

  • Peak Demand
  • Baseload Analysis
  • Power Factor
  • Harmonics (THD)

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Peak Demand and Baseload Analysis

Utility companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce short term and high consumption commercial power demand. Recently, utilities have implemented peak demand rates to discourage their customers from quickly raising their power draw above an expected baseline load. This method protects the utility from economic loss and supports a healthy grid. However, demand rates can contribute enormously to commercial electricity costs. Luckily, the eGauge Pro is designed to capture a location’s baseline load and peak demand spikes. It is a remarkable tool for energy professionals looking to drastically reduce their client’s electrical costs.

Energy utilization is more complicated than ever, and energy professionals work hard to prevent loss from unexpected failures. For example, commercial equipment, such as refrigeration, needs to be monitored at all times because collapse of that system can mean loss of capital and unhappy stakeholders. However, tools like the eGauge Pro can help energy professionals prevent these losses by monitoring for unexpected activity and sending alerts via text message and email. This way, professionals can expand their services instead of babysitting troublesome equipment.

Real-time Alerts

Historical Trend Analysis

Utility bills are the standard method for recording energy savings over time. However, some energy professionals wish to use new technologies to track which of their investments contributed to improvements. Providing this information to stakeholders can inspire confidence and lead to further investments in efficiency measures. Energy information is available on eGauge Pro for the lifetime of the meter, making it ideal for long term energy projects. Best of all, data is stored locally, bypassing the need to rely on our servers for access to your information.

Renewable Energy Impact

eGauge Pro measures electrical generation and consumption loads which makes it well suited to help size renewable energy and battery systems. Often, these systems are used to reduce the peak demand of a commercial facility. It is important to continuously monitor these facilities because electricity demand can change if equipment or business habits change. Missing even one day of change could result in unnecessary costs for the business. eGauge Pro continuously monitors for these changes and prevents loss by sending instantaneous alerts.

eGauge UI showing energy consumption in red and solar production in green. Areas of shaded green indicate net export of generated energy, while areas of shaded red show energy obtained from the utility company. Peak demand is being mitigated by solar production around midday. Data shown: one minute averages across 12 hours.

Measuring Power Quality

The quality of power can influence the health of equipment and even result in higher electricity costs. Further, if your power quality is low, you may be paying for more electricity than you are able to utilize. Understanding power quality is difficult without a power meter because a standard utility meter does not provide this information. Without access to power factor and harmonic distortion values it’s difficult to know if you have poor power quality, and the costs from this lack of information can add up. The cost of power quality can be tracked with the eGauge Pro so you can be confident that you are not bleeding money to your utility company.

Power Factor

Power factor is the ratio of the real power to the apparent power. This value can range from 0 to 1, with 1 being a perfect power factor. It indicates how efficiently a building or piece of equipment uses power. A low power factor can mean that you are paying for more power than is actually being used by these loads. Circuit level monitoring can identify which loads are contributing to low power factor. eGauge Pro can measure power factor on up to 30 loads at a time which saves large facilities the time of moving a single circuit power meter from place to place. This measurement consolidation speeds up load studies so energy professionals can spend more time making improvements.

Harmonic Distortion (THD)

THD is a measure of waveform distortion on an electrical service in the voltage or current waveform. It is created by switching loads and large inductive loads. This is important in electrical systems, as high THD can cause unnecessary heating on the building wiring. It may also be an important factor in systems where sensitive electronics are present. Extremely high THD can cause electrical devices to overheat and fail over time, especially transformers. Some agencies, such as utilities and the FCC, impose limits on this distortion.

eGauge UI showing total harmonic distortion curve in blue. This data can be exported to a csv file for further analysis. Data shown: one second averages across 10 minutes.

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