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Our eGauge meters are the best products available in the market. We cater two different types of eGauge meters and “eGauge core and eGauge pro”. Both the eGauge core and eGuage pro have their own benefits. We took extreme care while designing both the systems and we made sure that all the specifications are provided in eGauge core also. The eGauge pro will have some extra benefits when compared to the eGuage core but at the end of the day both of the equipment have features that are essential for monitoring in the house.

The eGauge meters are the combination of energy meter, web server and data logger. There are total 15 channels. The powerful combination of these three will help in tracking, monitoring and storing the information directly from the device. They have the capability of calculating power and some other features with the help of optical sensors. Those other features are temperature, flow rate, wind speed, etc. The user interface is accessible on televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets. There is no extra cost for this data display as the total values are obtained by the eGauge meter itself and there is no involvement of third party or cloud.

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